Stormwater Treatment And Reuse – STAR Water Solutions

STAR Water Solutions provides stormwater, industrial, mining and agricultural waste water recovery, treatment and reuse systems using advanced bio-filtration technology. STAR Water holds an exclusive worldwide license for Reactive Filter Media™ technology that enables effective and efficient recovery, treatment and reuse of water.

STAR Water Solutions achieves filtration performance outcomes required by the industry.

  • Superior pollutant removal – Filter over 95% of storm water pollutants leading to cleaner waterways
  • Hydraulic conductivity – Engineered hydraulic conductivity (Ksat) properties to promote filtration efficiency and prevent pooling
  • Life span prediction – Accurate filter life span enables effective asset management and planning
  • Surface vegetation establishment & growth – Nutrient retention in initial site establishment to promote plant growth
  • Consistent quality – Stringent accreditation process ensuring consistent and reliable product quality
  • Low maintenance – Reduces the need for site inspection to check filtration efficiency and plant health
  • Sustainable procurement – Recycled organics promotes environmental sustainability

STAR Water Solutions has established a worldwide network of distributors and suppliers to service local markets backed by our experienced and proven team. Our project portfolio includes small scale industrial size units up to larger scale infrastructure projects providing water back for recreational and non-potable use.