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STAR Water to participate in WaterStart Project in Nevada, US

STAR Water is excited to announce its involvement in the WaterStart Project in Nevada as one of its strategic partners in developing recycled and sustainable procured bio-filters that will create new beneficial uses for recycled materials in Nevada. On top of creating better environmental and economic outcomes, this project will also create manufacturing opportunities in the […]

“STAR Water System” patented in 7 countries

Invented by STAR Water Chairman, Eric Love and CEO, Chris Rochfort, the patent for “STAR Water System” has entered the national entry phase and has now been lodged in 7 countries. Having the title “Sediment Filtration Device, Method and System,” the invention relates to in particular, but not exclusively, to filter and/or reduce contaminants contained […]

STAR Water to participate in Australia Week in China

STAR Water is excited to announce its participation in Australia Week in China (AWIC 2016) from 11-16 April. AWIC is an initiative of Austrade and will be one of Australia’s largest business delegations to China. AWIC is composed of eight specific programs held in multiple cities in China – STAR Water will be part of the Urban Sustainability […]

STAR Water at Singapore International Water Week 2014

STAR Water generated considerable interest at Singapore International Water Week 2014 (1-5 June) for its new generation Reactive Filter Media Technology. Responding to trends in Sustainable Cities Initiatives, many visitors to the STAR Water stand recognised the need  for better performing bio-filters to meet increasing expectations.    

STAR Water in Singapore

STAR Water has established a Singapore corporation STAR Water Technologies Pte Ltd to undertake regional specific R&D. Pilots are being established on Jurong Island and in Singapore CBD.

STAR Water Expands US Operations

STAR Water has expanded it’s US operations with the establishment of a dedicated US corporation STAR Water USA A national distribution network has been established for Safe Sox, Safe Sax and other proprietary devices. Two new product distributors have been appointed WTB in Northern California and Enviro Products West in Southern California.  

STAR Water has initiated a Greenhouse Gas Inventory to analyse its carbon footprint!

The total carbon inventory calculated for STAR Water Solutions is 153 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (TCO2e) for 2011/12. Approximately 99% of the business’s carbon footprint is from air travel. In addition to currently purchasing 100% Greenpower, STAR Water Solutions has decided to reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting part of its emissions through two different projects: BHL Biogas […]