“Mr Gardening” Costa Georgiadis & STAR Water’s Eric Love

‘Mr Gardening’ Costa Georgiadis explains the importance of composting as part of International Compost Awareness Week, introducing STAR Water’s Chris Rochfort and Eric Love as ‘elders’ in the industry and the importance of their work at the Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE) and STAR Water in fostering a circular economy.





“Clean water is our most valuable and fundamental resource,” says the World Economic Forum. Yet by 2025, half the world’s planet may not have reliable access to clean water, from California to the South Pacific and even London.

STAR Water is going Public For Purpose with the aim of addressing this global issue, which has been exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

Our advanced biofiltration technology uses recycled materials to produce high performance filter systems that can capture, treat and make available for reuse stormwater run-off that would otherwise carry contaminants into our waterways.

As well as addressing a waste issue, STAR Water’s technology can take the pressure off water and drainage infrastructure needs while providing supplemental clean water for community benefit.

Invest in the future of water and make a personal contribution to combatting climate change by participating in our Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Sydney Stock Exchange, which seeks to raise approximately $1 million to support our efforts to protect communities, waterways and their habitats.

Find out more from this interview with STAR Water’s CEO, Chris Rochfort


As seen at the recent COP26 summit, time is fast running out to combat dangerous climate change.

STAR Water looks forward to welcoming you as a shareholder as we advance our exciting technology for the benefit of the planet.

To download the Prospectus and subscribe for the IPO, please visit here or visit www.advancedshare.com.au/IPO-Offers.

Please note the Offer closing date is 3 March 2022.

STAR Water Group is conducting an Initial Offering on the Sydney Stock Exchange of 5,070,000 shares at an issue price of $0.20 per share to raise $1,014,000 (before costs), with an ability to accept oversubscriptions of up to a further 2,430,000 shares to raise an additional $486,000.


Please seek independent professional advice before subscribing to this Offer. Investment in the shares offered by the Prospectus should be regarded as highly speculative in nature. Please refer to the risks of the Offer as stated in the Prospectus.

Stormwater Recovery For A Healthy Sydney

Every drop counts. Star Water’s projects to clean stormwater for reuse in Sydney?

CEO Chris Rochfort shares

Since 1998, Star Water has initiated projects using Advanced Biofiltration Technology (ABT) to clean stormwater that flows into Sydney Harbour and to recover water resources for beneficial reuse. These projects spreading from Sydney inner west to eastern suburbs are established with Star Water’s Advanced Biofiltration Technology.

The projects were designed to improve the quality of stormwater contributing to waterways and coastal waters and provide an attractive natural feature. Star Water’s engineered biofiltration media Reactive Filter Media® (RFM®) was deployed to all the projects to meeting clients’ requirements on assets, pollutants removal and stormwater reuse. Below are three successful case studies.

  1. Stormwater Treatment and Reuse (STAR) Systems Application, Manly, Sydney

    Stormwater Treatment and Reuse (STAR) System at Manly Beach is an integrated system for stormwater capture, treatment and reuse, containing Star Water’s renowned RFM®. The STAR systems combine biofiltration treatment for run-off pollutants and underground water storage modules, providing non-potable water supply for small- or large-scale urban, commercial or industrial developments. Manly STAR system saves the local council AU$ 50,000 p.a. on water cost for green land watering. STAR systems are based on water sensitive urban design and sustainability principles using minimal energy for treatment and maximising the use of ecological components in manufacture.

  2. Street Rain Gardens Application

    Star Water dedicated to the Sydney City Rain Garden retrofit and construction projects in multi-locations. RFM® were applied to these small scale vegetated bioretention systems (Rain Gardens) to improve stormwater quality and support substantial plant growth. Some gardens were under monitoring for water quality which proves good removal of suspended solids, nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorous), metals (e.g. copper, lead, zinc) and pathogens from effluent. Sydney experienced extreme drought period for over 12 months from mid-2017 with a few weeks’ high temperatures (up to 40°C), Rain gardens with RFM® were still thriving with no watering activity.

  3. Bioretention Basin Application

    Leichhardt Council was to improve the quality of local waterways by demonstrating quality stormwater management practices. Star Water collaboratively designed and supplied customised RFM® for this bioretention basin which located at Whites Creek Valley Park at the corner of Smith and Gillies St, Annandale.

    The project involves conveying stormwater collected from one of Leichhardt Councils’ Annandale drainage sub-catchments and channelling the contaminated stormwater into an infiltration basin located in an adjacent park. The integrated grey infrastructure of the bioretention removes gross litter, grass clippings, animal droppings, and infiltration material (RFM®) removes various soluble contaminants including heavy metals and hydrocarbons etc. The infiltrated water is then collected in a layer of drainage cells made from recycled plastic and directed back into Whites Creek Channel. The system is fully gravitationally operated and requires no power supply and consequently is energy efficient. The environmental significance is that the channel discharges into Rozelle Bay that flows into Sydney Harbour.

STAR Water to participate in the 2019 Nanjing Tech Week

STAR Water participated in the International Technology Transfer Summit as part of 2019 Nanjing Tech Week which ran from 26th June to 30th June 2019 in Nanjing.

The theme for this year’s Nanjing Tech Week is “Innovation in Nanjing – Limitless Opportunities”. Hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Government, the 2019 edition of the event is focused on building a smarter future and promoting the principal of “innovating, sharing and winning together”. Nanjing Tech Week brings together innovative minds to exchange groundbreaking ideas in a series of summits.

For more information on the event, please visit: http://nanjingtechweek.com/

STAR Water received Most Popular Media Award in the “2018 Innovation and Fortune China” Annual Competition, Chengdu China

STAR Water has been selected as the finalist in the “2018 Innovation and Fortune China” Annual competition and “Inno-investment Future” Investor Summit held in Chengdu, China from 5th – 6th December. This event is organised by the federal Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Municipal Government in Chengdu. STAR Water was selected from the Sydney Division as one of the three outstanding overseas projects to be invited to the Chengdu finals. Competing with US, Canada, Singapore and Chinese companies, STAR Water also received the “Most Popular Award” voted by media and the public.

For the investor summit, Chairman Mr. Eric Love presented STAR Water’s innovative technologies and solutions in sponge city and ecological construction to more than 500 investors and technology leaders from around China. As the innovation hub in western China, Chengdu attracts entrepreneurs from all over the world. As the innovation leader in the environmental industry, STAR Water places Chengdu in the western sector of its operational strategy in China, combining technology with local conditions to create a sponge-based eco-city solution for the city.

STAR Water to exhibit in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai

STAR Water will be exhibiting at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), a major global business development initiative taking place from 4th to 10th November 2018 in Shanghai. It is an initiative led by the Chinese government to give firm support to trade liberalization and economic globalization and actively open the Chinese market to the world.

Eric Love, Chairman of STAR Water, said: “The People’s Republic of China is already one of the largest markets in the world. Policy settings such as ‘Beautiful China’ and the Sponge Cities Program will further expand this market while improving the environment of China. Our company wishes to support China’s commitment to sustainability through the localization and supply of technology that can assist these fantastic environmental initiatives.”

STAR Water has also formed a “Sponge City Technology Collaboration Group” with Storm Consulting, Optimal Stormwater and Frankische offering complimentary technologies and services for Sponge Cities application in China. They will be in Shanghai during the expo to attend business meetings and forums.

For more information on the expo, please visit: https://www.ciie.org/zbh/en/

STAR Water is Finalist in the 2018 Premier of NSW Export Awards

STAR Water has been selected as the finalist in the Environmental Solutions category for the 2018 Premier of NSW Export Awards. The Export Awards celebrate NSW business excellence in international trade and recognise exporters’ contribution to the NSW economy.

The winners of the Export Awards will be announced at a prestigious Awards Gala dinner on 24 October at the Star in Pyrmont, NSW. Winners in the National Award categories will represent New South Wales at the Australian Export Awards National Ceremony on 27 November 2018 in Canberra.

For more information on the awards, visit : https://www.export.org.au/global-trade-updates/eca-announces-2018-premiers-nsw-export-awards-finalists

STAR Water to exhibit at the 2018 Shanghai International Sponge City Construction Fair

STAR Water is exhibiting at the 2018 International Sponge City Construction Fair in Shanghai from 14th May to 16th May 2018. This expo is organised by municipal engineering institutions in China. It aims to bring together local and international businesses that are active in the Sponge City construction industry. The exhibition will also showcase the industry’s latest products, equipment, technologies and solutions.

STAR Water won 2nd Prize in the 2nd China Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition

On 18th March, STAR Water was awarded second prize in The 2nd China Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Competition (Sydney Division) and ranked number one in the “Material Science and Energy Conservation” category.

The international competition which attracted 1,400 projects worldwide (169 projects from Australia) is sponsored by the municipal government of Shenzhen in China. It provides opportunities to global companies to develop projects in Shenzhen as well as offer policy support for talent incentives, industrialization incentives, technology finance and project incubation. The total investment amount that arises from the competition is RMB $20 billion.